10 Free PBR Texture Resources for Your Next Project

Reading 10 Free PBR Texture Resources for Your Next Project 2 minutes
  1. Poliigon
    A library of over 10,000 PBR textures and materials.
  2. Poly Haven
    So far a smaller library with almost 800 PBR textures and materials, all free for commercial use.
  3. CC0 Textures Nearly 1,000 PBR textures and materials available for free and unrestricted use.
  4. OpenGameArt
    A collection of user-submitted PBR textures and materials, some free and some available for purchase or barter.
  5. CG Trader
    A marketplace for 3D models and assets, including a selection of free PBR textures and materials.
  6. Texture X
    A collection of over 1,500 PBR textures sorted by categories such as wood, metal, stone, fabric, etc., all free for personal or commercial use.
  7. Texture Ninja
    A small but growing library of high quality PBR textures that are free for both personal and commercial use with attribution required upon usage in any project or product released to the public or sold commercially
  8. TextureKing
    A small but growing collection of PBR textures that are free for personal and commercial use without attribution requirement
  9. Quixel Megascans Library
    A vast library of PBR scanned assets from real life objects requiring a subscription fee to access but offers some assets for free
  10. Texturise Free Seamless Textures
    Over 1,000 PBR textures sorted by category with no limitations on usage


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