How to Install Scatter5 in Blender (Quickly)

How to Install Scatter5 in Blender (Quickly)

Learn how to install Scatter 5. This video covers installation on a Windows or Mac OSX.
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Let’s get going quick with the Scatter5 Installation so that we can get to plotting plants and trees.

If you are a Mac user, try using Firefox or Chrome web browsers to download the Scatter 5 zip file. If you are on a PC, you will not run into this minor issue.

Let's continue by clicking the Edit menu to pull up Preferences. Next, click the "Add-ons" tab. Click this Install button right here. Find the Scatter 5 Zip file and then click "Install Add-on". Enable it by checking this box right here.

We now need to install the Biome packages that come with a new purchase. 

Click on the red button that says "Enter Manager".

Once in the Scatter manager interface,  either in the header file menu or in the Preferences, you will have the ability to install a scat pack file. 

Once a package is installed, you will be able to refresh your biome library, or presets to see the new biomes/presets available. Depending on your package you may see a new category in your biome library.

Are you having a hard time finding your Scat Pack file? No problem. It is one of three files available to download at the time of purchase.

Scatter5 Documentation


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